Pawfect paw care on-the-go set 200ml

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Introducing a gift for your pet
"MrOrganic's Pawfect Paw Care On-The-Go Set" - Your ultimate solution for maintaining your furry friend's paw hygiene, anytime, anywhere.

MrOrganic’s Pawfect Paw Care On-The-Go Set is designed for daily ease and convenience. Embrace proactive paw parenting with us, take care of those little paw prints that mark happiness in your life, the 'mrorganic' way. Keep your furry friend clean, comfortable, and ready for the next adventure with this paw-pampering set.

Our set includes a Paw Cleanser that gently, yet effectively, removes dirt, grime, and other impurities that may stick to your pet's paws during walks or playtime. Its composition is 100% organic, ensuring it's safe for use on your pet's delicate paws and the environment.

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