paw cleanser plus ( lemon niaouli ) 200ml

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we wish to especially introduce australian made the latest organic plant oils and sunflower oil as these oils have and especially strong protective effect on the joints and skin of pets.  this product also contains certified organic coconut oil and niaouli fragrance & artificial color

aqua (water), castile soap, sunflower refined oil, niaouli oil, (organic lavender essential oil/ organic sweet orange essential oil), organic coconut oil, organic gycerin, aloe vera powder
press once and apply on their paws through the attached soft brush for cleaning and massaging.
after cleaning, use a dry towel to dry their paws. It is suitable for daily use.
if your pets need extra moisturise, it is best to use our dog paw and nose balm afterwards.
to keep it clean, it is suggested to remove and wash the attached soft brush after
using and let it dry.


100ml • 澳洲製造 最佳使用期限|購買後 12 個月內 不含香料及人造色素


水,無味的純木香皂,蘆薈精華粉,葵花籽 有機載體油,蓖麻有機載體油,尼歐利精油 , (有機薰衣草精油/有機甜橙精油)

有機植物油及澳洲有機認證向日葵花油,對寵物的關節及皮膚有著非常強效保護的作用,和一些有機認證的甘油及(薰衣草/ 甜橙)及有幾的蓖麻油及綠花白千層油。

壓瓶子一下泡泡,利用瓶身軟硅膠刷頭,在腳板上輕刷清潔同時按摩 清潔後用乾毛巾擦乾腳掌即可,可每天使用,如有舒緩滋潤肉球需要可使 用我們的腳掌護理膏。



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