counter culture

Probiotic Floor Cleaner Concentrate Lemongrass 益生菌地板清潔劑(檸檬草)


Description: Counter Culture Probiotic Floor Cleaning Concentrate is powered by good bacteria and the beneficial compounds they produce that effectively break down dirt and grime. Unlike many other cleaners, ours are plant- and probiotic-based with no man-made chemicals and scented only with essential oils—no colors, allergens, or fake fragrances.

簡介:反向培養益生菌地板清潔濃縮液由良好的細菌及其產生的有益化合物提供動力,可有效分解污垢和污垢。 與許多其他清潔劑不同的是,我們的清潔劑是基於植物和益生菌的,不含人造化學物質,並且僅含香精油-沒有色素,過敏原或假香料。

Ingredients: Purified Water, Lactic Acid Bactria Cultures (Probiotics), Lactic Acid (from Fermentation Brew), Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

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