paw cleanser ( original ) 100ml

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Mrorganic gives your pets clean fresh paws after a busy day at the beach or park. Wash dirt and germs away with the easy press spray head, and bathe your pet’s toes in foamy bubbles. The pliable silicone brush head deeply and gently cleans and makes happy feet healthy and bacteria-free.mrorganic also our Paws Cleanser moisturizes and nourishes for a supple, extra-clean result.


why you'll love it ?

Moisturizes and cleans your pet's paws. Available for sensitive skin

1) Free of chemicals and artificial colors

2) Natural and organic ingredients pets can use with peace of mind.

3) No need to rinse

4) Suitable for pets of all ages

5) A light lavender scent to help relax your pet's nervousness.

natural from inside out - ingredients

aqua (water), castile soap, sunflower refined oil, niaouli oil, (organic lavender essential oil/ organic sweet orange essential oil), organic coconut oil, organic gycerin, aloe vera powder


how to use ?


"Shake well. Spray directly onto paws and massage gently into skin/pads. Use every day for ongoing prevention and healthy, happy paws! "FOR BEST RESULTS: Use with our dog balm on the go collection  for pets 8 weeks of age or older. "For external use only."



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