organic cotton bath towel Christmas ( dark brown )

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Bath towel 

organic cotton bath towel ( natural beige ) 有機棉寵物浴毛巾 ( 原色 )

The mrorganic home collection towels Not like your regular towels. Upgrade to spa status with our luxuriously-soft towels. Pamper your skin and hair with our exclusive, sustainable organic cotton waffle fabric. It's free from harmful chemicals and extra gentle on your pet skin hair.

The mrorganic home paw towel is a functional and decorative accessory for your daily use with our paw cleanser after walk or any activities.

  • Towels come in packs of two
  • 100% organic cotton 
  • Moisture and hair skin dries quickly as honeycomb design draws moisture into the base layer, making towels more absorbent than traditional towels
  • Breathable light weave gently exfoliates
  • Great for use with our paw cleanser after daily walk. 
  • Hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Designed with a strap for easy hanging.

Dimension: 1 piece of 140 x 70 cm

Quality: 100% organic cotton

Caring for your pet towels

Washing/care instructions
Material/fabric: 100% organic cotton.

✓ No need for pre-washing; it’s organic and already absorbent.
✓ Machine wash at 20 to 60℃ (68-140 F).
✓ Wash at lowest possible temperatures.
✓ Use nature-friendly detergents.
✓ Tumble dry at a low heat or, if needed, then use dryer balls to shorten the drying time.
✓ Preferably do not tumble dry.
✓ Hang out to dry naturally.
✓ Avoid using softener as this reduces the absorbency of the product and most softeners are harmful for nature (if not 100% cleansed at the wastewater treatment plant).
✓ Instead of softener you may add a little bit of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The vinegar will help strip away some residue from detergent or lime.
✓ Avoid the use of bleach (alone and in detergent) as this affects the colours.
✓ Wash with similar colours.
✓ Stretch lightly into shape after washing.

This collection was developed to make a soft and comfortable guest and hand towel with a
designed expression. Great absorbency.


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