dog balm 40g

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Mrorganic dog balm 40g
available scents: original; lavender; sweet orange

99.7% organic
no artificial fragrance

Mrorganic   dog balm moisturize your dog's nose, paws, elbows, or other problem areas with ease. dry skin can be uncomableable, unsightly, and unsafe for your dog's nasal or foot region. mrorgainc dog balm can quickly soothes problem areas and protects skin. use Daily for maintenance.

Jojoba vegetable oil*, bee wax, olive oil*, shea butter refined*, clove leaf oil*, sweet almond oil*, (lavender organic essential oil*, sweet orange organic essential oil)*certified organic

Directions: put a small amount in your palms & slowly massage onto their paws. hold and wait a few seconds for better absorption. then rub a bit onto their nose. they will lick it as expected, all ingredients are eatable. apply daily for dry Or cracked paws. for routine paw care, apply onceevery 2 to 3 days

Fragrance and Artificial Colors



40g • 澳洲製造 最佳使用期限|購買後 12 個月內 不含香料及人造色素


荷荷芭油 橄欖油 甜杏油 乳木果油 丁香葉油 有機鴯鶓油 (有機薰衣草精油/有機甜橙精油)

材料來自五大原材料地方的最貴原材料。特別介紹澳洲最新的鴯鵲油,對寵物關節 及皮膚有著非常強效保護的作用。 在您和愛犬散步或在牠們睡覺前,可於牠們的足掌上塗上薄薄一層作保護和日常護 理之用。對於較乾燥或乾裂的足掌,建議每天使用一次。日常護理方面,可每隔兩 至三天使用一次。 使用後,您的愛犬可能會舔牠們的足掌,不用擔心,不需要替牠們重新塗上。如果 不能替較活躍好動的愛犬塗上所有足掌,也不要緊,就與牠們盡情享受這個親密的 按摩時刻吧! 


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