*#. collar leash (S) 棉質狗帶


100%  cotton
100% 純棉

size : 2.5cm x 28cm / 1.5cm x 36cm
尺寸:2.5厘米x 28厘米/1.5厘米x 36厘米

our extra soft 100% organic all natural cotton leash & collar set. 
these are light weight, sturdy and soft to provide you with a comfortable feel for you and your dog. not susceptible to UV damage, ideal for the outdoors.
handmade & handcrafted with chemical-free dyes. Features solid brass swivel snap hook timeless traditional style, durability with vibrant colors.
它們重量輕,堅固且柔軟,為您和您的狗提供舒適的感覺。 不易受紫外線傷害,適合戶外使用。
手工製作,採用無化學染料手工製作。 採用實心黃銅旋轉彈簧鉤的傳統風格,耐用,色彩鮮豔。

care instructions:
hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water. hang and let air dry.
please be noted, due to the handmade nature of the product, there might be slight variations in size and color from product to product.
用溫和的肥皂和溫水洗手。 掛起並讓空氣曬乾。

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