Calm before the storm - pet care 寵物護理


our special pet formula contains 19 certified organic ingredients nourish your dog’s skin and restore its moisture balance
take good care of your dog’s skin
nourish and bring back strong skin

organic ingredients are used to inject moisture back into the skin

does not contain fragrances, colouring, mineral oils, chemical preservatives, paraben or al- cohol; through skin sensitivity testing, we have balanced the PH level to the most appropriate level for the skin of your dog

the natural nourishment from 8 plant based oils with aloe vera keeps dry skin moist at all times. herbal ingredients help you stay calm.

does not contain fragrances, colouring or mineral oils

we have paired our main plant extracts with the moisturizing extracts of 7 different plants, includ- ing chamomile which has an excellent moisturizing effect, and lavender which helps soothe fine lines for smoother skin. 

專為寵物研發的配方,蘊含19種有機認証成份, 滋潤缺乏水分平衡你的愛犬肌膚 細心你的愛犬肌膚 。

• 不含香料、色素、礦物油、化學防腐劑 paraben 及酒精;

通過過敏性測試 ,平衡PH 度達至最貼近你的愛犬肌膚

8種有機植物油的天然滋潤,再配合蘆薈(Aloe Vera)成分,讓乾燥的肌膚 時刻保持濕潤。清涼的有機成 份,有助放鬆心情。

• 不含香料、色素及礦物油。 主要植物精華成分配合7種植物的滋潤萃取液,包括有效保濕的洋甘菊,及有助整理肌膚紋理,平滑 肌膚的薰衣草。

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